Case Studies:     Pre-Launch      Commercial Launch     Post Launch

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4. Recurrence Genomic Profile Prostate Cancer Test   (CLIA Lab Genomic Profile  Test)

Validation study defined the decision making workflow determining when the test is integrated into current practice.  Results of study showed prostate risk score are  useful in watchful waiting situations to prevent unnecessary treatment.  Our work, based on 30 qualitative interviews with leading opinion leader urologists, led to the successful launch of the test. Our approach focused on defining the following variables:

  • Perceived clinical utility  (what treatment decision will be informed)
  • Clinical decision point triggers to order the test  
  • Patient segment selected
  • Path for test sample to be processed and ordered
5. Pathology IHC Advanced Staining System Portfolio (IVD Tissue "Systems" Selling)

Identified the key buying influences driving pathologists to switch to a new IHC platform from a competitive supplier.  Voice of Customer results served as a catalyst for development of a new marketing strategy to complete systems selling of both capital equipment and reagents. We collaborated with our client’s field sales team to conduct qualitative in-depth interviews with leading opinion leader pathologists. As a result of our work, our client achieved competitive year over year 20% growth following conversion. Our approach centered on the following actions:   

  • Defining the trigger points causing pathology labs to switch suppliers  
  • Understanding challenges of adopting new reagents
  • Understanding buying influences driving pathologist decisions
  • Finding opportunities for leveraging current assets to drive faster adoption
6. Lymphoma Companion Diagnostic  (Pharma Tx Requiring CDx)

Created a roadmap for a Pharmaceutical client to understand the steps to CDx partner selection, market access and companion diagnostic commercial launch. Facilitated CDx partner discussions and reviewed agreements to educate client on key partner opportunities and strengths. Client advanced to partnership agreement with major CDx partner. Our approach centered on the following actions:   

  • Defining key CDx commercial priorities for successful launch
  • Understanding the benefits of IVD product vs. LDT service company
  • Understanding reimbursement considerations prior to launch