4 Easy Steps to Making a Splash on Social Media in the IVD Marketing Space

June 16, 2016

Do social media sites really get your company brand recognition in the diagnostics space? The answer is yes! The top two benefits of social media marketing are increasing exposure and company website traffic. Social Media Examiner1 states that 89% of all marketers revealed their social media efforts generate increased exposure for their business and 75% reporting a positive increase to website traffic.

As a diagnostics marketing professional, you struggle daily to find ways to promote your product or service to drive sales. Where do you begin when creating a social media marketing plan? What is right for your business? How much time do you allocate and what is the return on investment?

Managing social media and providing appropriate content for your audience can seem like a daunting task. Here’s a simple process which worked for Market Ready Rx resulting in a 26% increase in social media referrals to our website between March and June 2016 alone.

4 Steps to streamline your social media management

  1. Determine the priorty social media platforms to be used
  2. Find and create content relevant to your target audience
  3. Select a social media management tool
  4. Create a routine to source and post your content

1. Determine the priority social media platforms to be used

Review the social media being used in your industry by clients, business organizations and competitors. Dig deeper to review their content and audience base to determine if it is a forum appropriate for your business. Once you choose which social media is most aligned with your company, create a professional company page using formats and images similar to your website that provide a cohesive brand look and feel.

2. Find and create content relevant to your target audience

Finding content can seem overwhelming. Never fear there are tools available to help you that won’t take hours away from your day. Don’t overpower your audience with ads that become repetitive and lead to consumer fatigue. Use the 5:1 rule, provide 5 posts that would be interesting to your audience, to every 1 post that is specific to your business. Providing links to articles, blogs and images relating to your industry creates value associated with your brand and results in audience retention.

Tools such as Google Alerts can make a search seamless, allowing users to create words or phrases to collect current internet content. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook all provide search features to help you locate relevant content.

Visual content is more interesting to your audience so consider providing business information (services, customer quotes, history, etc.) with an image. Make sure to include a link to your website that expands on the information posted. If you aren't a Photoshop expert try out a site like Canva that can help you quickly create visual advertising that is ready to post.

3. Select a social media management tool

Use a management tool allowing you to post and schedule content on one site, versus having to go to separate social media sites. Hootsuite and Buffer are popular sites, allowing users to manage multiple social content streams.

4. Create a routine to source and post your content

Get ready to start posting content! Employ a social media management tool and set aside a routine block of time (2 hours once a week or 20 minutes each day – whatever works for you.) Determine the content you wish to post and schedule these posts using the management tool you have selected. Create a steady posting routine rather than sporadic bursts of content. As customers or potential clients research your company on the internet, they will see continual activity strengthening their opinion of what you and your company have to offer.

That's it! Breaking down the process of social media management into 4 simple steps can make the process manageable and provide an easy and affordable method for increasing your company's internet presence and brand awareness. Although social media for biotech companies is a new frontier, there are many finding success in the endeavor.

Market Ready Rx provides consulting services supporting all phases of the product lifecycle from early pre-launch market assessments to product positioning and pre-launch planning to fully executed market launches for molecular and personalized diagnostics.


[1] 2016 Social Media Marketing Report