Client Praise

Our work reflects the company we keep.

Martha and her team were very responsive and willing to meet face to face as necessary.

“The Market Ready Rx team helped me prepare a CDx biomarker test launch globally. They were very experienced having already done CDx launches in the past and provided us a pragmatic action plan. Martha and her team were very responsive and willing to meet face to face as necessary.”

Joao Antas, Global Marketing Executive Director – Hematology/Oncology Amgen 

Market Ready Rx maintains the ability to tap into industry resources that would be difficult for Sakura alone.

“The Market Ready Rx team assisted us in finding a commercial partner for one of Sakura’s technologies. They provided a comprehensive project plan, heat map and analysis of candidate partners and provided great industry contacts to open doors for partnership targets.”

“Working with the MRRx team, we gained a better understanding of the current Histopathology market, trends, competition and requirements to play. She provided great external validation of the challenges of entering the market, and an organized approach to the process.”

“It was a pleasure working with the MRRx team. They are extremely strategic, prompt high level thinking with their clients and are great to bounce ideas off. They maintain the ability to tap into industry resources that would be difficult for Sakura alone. The MRRx team provided good communication on project status and were always available. They are trusted and respected by Sakura executives.”

“I would highly recommend MRRx as an external marketing research consultant or strategic marketing partner.”

George Kennedy, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing
Sakura Finetek USA 

We now have far more knowledge than before.

“As a companion diagnostic advisor, Martha Townsend supported and guided the global CDx team through our decision making of whether to launch the companion diagnostic as a kit or a central commercial lab test for our drug. After advancing to the CDx kit, she supported us in our vendor selection (manufacturer of the CDx kits) by providing us appropriate advisory support.”

“She largely contributed to our process by making recommendations to headquarters (Japan) and negotiating with vendors on contract terms. We often asked for her opinion on how to solicit answers from potential partners in the right way.”

“In the beginning, we were quite new to the CDx field, however, through our experience in navigating through the internal decision making of kit vs lab test and the education from Martha through the vendor selection process, we now have far more knowledge than before.”

“Martha was very dependable for us. We think her opinions were persuasive and appropriate coming from her extensive experience and deep knowledge. Her responses were quick and her personality was trustworthy, so that we trusted her thoroughly and proposed our recommendation to headquarters (Japan) based on her advice.”

Satoshi Yurimoto, Companion Dx Commercial Lead, Pharma
Kyowa Kirin Prostrakan

Working with Martha Townsend and the associates of Market Ready Rx has been a total joy and positive experience.

“The Market Ready Rx team’s professionalism, knowledge and passion for the Anatomic Pathology market place helped BioImagene create strategies, plans and implement a very successful branding awareness campaign, marketing program and launch plans for instrumental to the success of the company. Martha interacted with the Sales and Marketing Team as an integral team member, mentored some of the lesser experienced folks and communicated clearly and concisely to the to p management of BioImagene. I attribute much of BioImagene ‘s success in the market and ultimate sale to Ventana Medical Systems to the efforts of Market Ready Rx.”

Doug Sweet, VP Sales & Marketing
BioImagene, Inc., A Roche Diagnostics company

Martha helped me successfully navigate the diagnostic space.

“As a global commercial leader for targeted oncology therapeutics requiring both FISH and IHC companion diagnostics, Martha helped me successfully navigate the diagnostic space predominantly from the drug therapeutic perspective. CDx partnerships can be really tricky, in that both partners are generally focused on the success of their respective products. Understanding the CDx market independent of your partner’s guidance and education is critical to the success of your therapeutic. Martha’s expertise spans both sides of this equation. I found her insights to be extremely valuable in developing commercial strategy from the therapeutic side in a number of global markets.”

John Fry, Global Commercial Leader – Oncology Therapeutics

Martha and her team have a deep network of contacts in the IHC field from which they can draw on.

“Martha and the Market Ready Rx team assisted Sakura in identifying partner(s) for our IHC business. She and her team applied a variety of business development techniques to establish key drivers on how such a decision can be supported with data, industry experience and knowledge, product awareness, marketing, etc.”

“Martha brought much-needed structure to our process. She and her team identified our key business requirements, provided a strong and workable framework to gather data/information on our needs/wants, and looked to align them with the various leaders in the IHC business. Clearly, she has the most relevant knowledge in this industry and a significant and relevant network of contacts to draw from. Through her understanding of our strengths, she was able to establish a list of key companies that we could consider partnering.”

“The working experience was wonderful! Martha and her team were very respectful of our company culture, and decision-making process. I believe the relationship solidified almost instantly upon our first meeting.”

“I would strongly recommend her/team on other relevant projects involving business development, marketing, etc. I am grateful for being involved in this process with Martha and team, and look forward to other opportunities as our paths cross.”

Kam Patel, CFO 
Sakura Finetek USA

Martha has personally helped us present a professional face to what is a very young team.

“Market Ready Rx has been a tremendous partner during the last year, providing the (commercial) leadership required to establish a new high tech company in the global diagnostic market.”

“Our scientific team has been working closely with major international organizations and Martha has personally helped us present a professional face to what is a very young team. We look forward to even more success this year”

Nick Kerton, Chairman of Board
Sirigen, Inc., A  Becton Dickenson company