Your Customers Want to Hear from you during the COVID lockdown.

April 29, 2020

Three indicators that your customers are receptive to your message now.
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Since March 5th we've been deluged with COVID-19 news,  making it challenging to see beyond the pandemic.   These three observations suggest we may be turning a corner and our customes are receptive to hearing how we can solve their problems.

1.  On April 20th Nat Ives, Wall Street Journal marketing reporter wrote 'In These Uncertain Times,' Coronavirus Ads Strike Some Repetitive Notes” .  Although touching to watch, the emotional montage of a family in quarantine story has been told.  When people were asked* on March 28 and 29th what they preferred in advertising during the pandemic, only 10% said they wanted marketers to acknowledge the situation or express concern.    The most popular response, from 44% of respondents, was for ads to include information on companies' service adjustments and updates, including store closures or new online options. Indicating what the advertiser is doing to help during the pandemic ranked second, at 24%. The article suggests during this highly charged time, you  can actually stop emotionally manipulative montages and directly communicate how your company uses your resources for good.

Diagnostic testing and Therapeutic drug and vaccine marketers have an opportunity to educate the world on the good that is done by this dedicated industry.  Describe your problem, even a simple one and communicate that now.  Your customers are listening.

2.   As an industry marketer, I've been immerse in COVID-19 diagnostic testing, vaccine and public health news the past two months, trying to understand the disease with the rest of the world.    I wondered whether COVID industry themes were changing over time and when would be the right time for marketers in the Cancer, Cardiac and other important Infectious Diseases might be able to resume marketing to their customers and not show disrespect to the looming pandemic.
Here were my observations:
  •  In Early March basic Coronavirus awareness messages on transmission and prevention through hand washing were the focus.
  • In Late March to early April the messages shifted to education on the COVID-19 molecular disease and how to stop it.
  • The  first two weeks of April, news focused on the impact of COVID-19 Molecular testing capacity as our lifeline to release us from quarantine globally.
  • As we rapidly approach May,  the focus is shifting again  to serological testing and the need for a rapid COVID antibody test with high Positive and Negative predictive value.
Although we have been overwhelmed by COVID news since early March,  data from ICON indicates a slight downward trend of 196,000 fewer COVID news articles the past week over week.   I believe we are  emerging from the all-consuming COVID news feed, opening up opportunities for you to resume active communication with your target customers.
3.  Finally,  I’ve been  surprised to learn despite the torrent of patients hitting the COVID Infectious Disease departments in hospitals,  other non-essential health care practitioners such as Orthopedic health practioners and laboratory personnel have been released from duty as their colleagues supporting COVID are swamped.   We have been surprised to find  Laboratory Directors and Health Care Practitioners  available and receptive to participate in Advisory Board meetings  and  Qualitative Market Research studies.   Consider taking this transition to conduct market research to inform product design and validate your product design. 


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*Source:Morning Consult, a data-intelligence company that conducted a survey of 2,200 American adults on March 28 and 29, 2020.